Momma Leche can make most products in any of these scents and some that are not listed here. If you can dream it, she can probably make it.
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Momma Leche Collections

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Fruity Collection

Citrus Sea Salt

Cucumber Citrus

Mardi Gras

Happy Apple


Gettin' Figgy

Jet's Orange and Roses

Floral Collection

Jet's Orange and Roses

Lulu's Gardenia

Jasmine and Berry

Dogwood and Ginger

Blackberry Collection

Blackberry Sage 


Lavender Collection

Classic Lavender

Lavender Coconut

Lavender Eucalyptus

Lavender Peppermint

Lavender Sage

Lemongrass Collection

Herbal Lemongrass

Paisley's Pink Lemonade

Sage and Lemongrass

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Floral Scents


Classic Lavender - the soothing smell of fields of lavender blooming in the summer sun. 

Available in Lotion, Scrubs, Body & Room Spray, Deodorant, Sachet

Lavender Coconut

Dang this smells good!!  The coconut I used in this one-of-a-kind  easy creamy coconut smell and it pairs really well with the lavender.  If you like coconut, or lavender, or both you will love this bar.

Available in Lotion, Scrub, Body & Room Spray, Sachet

Lavender Eucalyptus

This bar was requested by my friend Cher Dale.  It is a keeper!  The refreshing and soothing smells mix together for a true spa-like experience.

Available in Lotion, Scrub, Body & Room Spray, Sachet