With so many amazing scents to choose from,
this page helps you make that decision.  
Any scent with an * behind it indicates it is also a standard lotion scent.
A ** is a scent made only in lotion
(unless a special order is requested)

Herbal Scents

Floral Scents

Fruity Scents

Bubble Gum Goddess

This is a fun and playfully scented bar of soap.  It smells reminiscent of bubblegum and childhood.  

Blackberry and Sage

Think summer day, down by the river.  Big bushes of blackberries just loaded with the dark purple fruit so fat that they fall off in your hand with the soft hint of sage.  That is this bar.  

Citrus Sea Salt

Citrus Sea Salt - Exfoliating with Himalayan Sea Salt.  This bright citrus smell is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Coral Reef *

The common statement about this....this smells like a vacation.  Many of my clients actually buy this in 6-10 bar groups at a time.  They say they are in love and don't want to be without it if I sell out!  It is loaded with lots of fun Caribbean colors.

Cucumber Citrus *

This is truly a light, bright and summer fun kind of smell.  

December *

This is such an awesome smell.  This is a special request from my friend December that loves the smell of pomegranate.  She asked me to pair this with the bright smell of lemon and then we rounded it out with vanilla.  This is a very playful scent that your nose is constantly seeking out the smell that comes next!  

Eliza Reign *

Grapefruit Bellini and crisp pear is kind of a sassy smell.  This is named after my youngest granddaughter, Eliza Reign.  She is little -- and just a bit sassy.  

Gettin' Figgy *

Yes, I was thinking "Will Smith" when I named this.  This is a favorite scent of many! It is fruity and fun.  

Jasmine 'n Berries

The perfect blend of the soft sweet smell of summer flowers with the fun fruity smell of strawberry.

Jet's Orange and Roses *

This bar came about when my neighbor, Jet Boerner was 6. He asked me to help him make soap for his family for Christmas. He picked the scents and the color combination.  This pink and orange bar that smells delightful was inspired by him.


This soap is named after my youngest grandson, Malachi.  He is affectionately known as Mac Daddy.  It has the great full flavors of fun you find with tangerine, blackberry and raspberry blended together.  It is as wild and crazy as he is!

Paisley's Pink Lemonade

This lemongrass bar is a top seller.  Named after my middle granddaughter Paisley Jane.  She loves the smell of lemongrass and the bar is bright pink and yellow.  It kind of sums of the sunshine and summer days she brings to life!

Put the Lime in the Coconut *

I am pretty sure I heard you singing that catchy tune when you read this title!  

The smell of this coconut bar is rich and creamy with a hint of lime.  It definitely evokes memories of the beach or wherever you were in your life when you learned that song!

Rose Jolee *

Just to be clear, there is no rose in this bar.  A fun frolicking scent named after Del Rio Vineyard's Sparkling Rose' in Gold Hill Oregon. (If you live in Southern Oregon and you are a female, chances are you have tried this wine. If not, you should order it from them!)  Bright, full, fruity smell with lots of glitter on top!


This bar is so much fun.  It smells richly of grapes and oranges and lime.  It is a quick trip to Mexico each morning in the shower!  It is really pretty too, purple and orange....

Shanti's Apple Sage

Shantell, affectionally named Shanti, is my bonus daughter.  She is the best friend of the Gardenia soap girl.  This girl is a ninja!  The fresh snap of the first bite of a crisp snap of green apple rounded off with the soft herbal scent of sage.  The perfect combination.

Strawberry Lemonade

This combination of strawberries and lemonade is delightful. It has that great sweet and sour mix that makes your mouth water when you smell it. This is not just a summer scent. This would be a great pick-me-up on a grey and cloudy day. 

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Earthy Scents

Ellie's White Tea and Ginger

So this bar is a nod to my youngest child, Ellie. This bar is a combo of all things Ellie in my mind. Confetti cakes were always Ellie's favorite and she has bright blue eyes...that explains the appearance of the soap. The smell is the amazing smell of white tea and ginger... because Ellie is the first one to tell you she is a 'ginger'.  Ok, so it is a tongue-in-cheek bar. You will love it!​

Genoa **

Deep, rich, earthy smell that is reminiscent  of the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  Named after the first town settled in Nevada, Genoa.  It is a new and exciting experience.

Hadley Pepperberry *

This scent is named after my oldest granddaughter Hadlely.  Her spunky personality is just a bit on the sassy side.  The scent is a combination of pepper, cinnamon and other warm flavors.  It also is a great holiday smell.