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2019 is going to be awesome!

There are changes afoot this year. For the past 2.5 years I have been coming to Medford every month. Well, my kids have busy lives and the grandkids are running ever which way! We decided that this year will be about fewer visits, but longer stays. I will do my best to keep my FB updated as to times of visits.

BUT DON'T WORRY I am going to be drop shipping all orders to Medford in one group and I will personally pay the postage. SAY WHAT?? So, you still get free delivery. There is one little catch as I won't be there to deliver to you monthly. I have created a couple of options for you.

This will require you to order off the website as all orders need to be paid in advance of the shipment.

1) Order and have it be part of the drop ship box. Once it arrives in Medford it will be placed in a box at a specified location for you to pick up. I pay the postage on this box.

2) If you need doorstep delivery, it will be a small $5 fee which will be collected on the website at the time of your order. My dear Charlotte Caputo will be the awesome delivery driver!

3) If it is a month where I will be in Oregon, there will be no drop ship and delivery will occur without the fee. So a few times a year you will get spoiled rotten!

Of course, if you are confused or have questions....just test me or email me.

The first drop ship box will go out right around Feb 10 just in time for Valentine's Day. You must have your order in by Feb 6. I will be posting on FB as a reminder to you!!

Thanks for understanding. Driving to Oregon every month was taking a toll on my body and I hope this change makes things easier on my fibromyalgia!

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