OurSoap Story…

Let's start with the name....It was a nickname that our youngest daughter, Ellie, called me growing up. It is where a nickname became a business. Our business started in 2013 in Southern Oregon.  In 2016 we moved to Reno Nevada and started over again.  In 2019 we moved to the beautiful area of Tucson AZ.  

Simply put, I LOVE COLOR!  Soap making is a way to release my inner Picasso with lots of fun colors and amazing smells in a very useful product - SOAP! 

Over the years I have been asked to make many different products for people.  everything from deodorant to specialty items such as Nature's Balm.  If you want it, I can very likely make it.  We tend to buy as many organic ingredients as we can find. Since it requires a great deal of documentation to call something 'organic', I don't.  But we make things with LOTS of organic ingredients. 

My husband, Rich, has been helping me out with the business quite a bit over the past year.  He has learned to make soap (which terrifies him!  LOL)  He helps with lotion and body sprays mostly.  He loves it!  

If you come to see us at a Farmer's Market or an event we are usually together - partners in crime if you will.  Rich is easy, fun and outgoing and the customers love chatting with him.  Since he is bilingual he makes our Hispanic customers feel very welcome.

Sometimes our grandkids help with shows as well.  They are little troopers!  They know that they will get paid at the end of the day based on how much help they were.  They are awesome little humans with big hearts that love to help their 'Ma and Poppy'.  

Generally speaking, if you can dream it, I can make it.  I am happy to do custom orders.  Just text or email me and we can hash out the details.  

Here is to a great year! 


Jan and Rich Garcia                                                                       





3553 E Canter Rd, Tucson, AZ 85739

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